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Mondrian lived in a studio complex on 26 Rue du Départ in Paris from 1921 until 1936. The part of the complex he lived in was built 10 years before he moved in, in 1911. The Rue du Départ is situated behind the famous Gare Montparnasse in Paris, which was building seven new tracks and some platforms for departing trains at the time. To be able to have access to the new departure hall of the Montparnasse train station, the city had to extend the Rue de Départ (which was located next to the new Departure hall) and connect it with the Avenue du Maine. The open spaces which were created on both sides of the extended Rue de Départ , a result of the construction work, were used to build studios for artists. Seuphor met naambordje Rue du Départ
tour Montparnasse These studios were connected to the older existing buildings. Some of these artist workplaces had peculiar shapes because of this. Mondrian’s studio was a junction between the new studio building and an old residential building. The entrance of the studio had to be accessed through the courtyard of the residential building.
Mondrian had to move out of the building in 1936, the complex had to make place for the construction of the contemporary Gare Montparnasse. Tour Montparnasse has been built at the same location as Mondrian’s studio, the place where he created his renowned Neoplastic Art.
situatie Rue du Depart 1926 doorbraak Rue du Depart visitekaartje Mondriaan
  Rue du Départ 1926    

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