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i10 sporen van de avant-garde


Heerlen- The Netherlands                 Museum:                                         
7 March - 29 April                            Hoofdkantoor ABP                     
Gemeente Museum Den Haag 
In 1990 Mondrian’s Paris studio scale model was exhibited in Venice. After that STAM received a request for the model to be in a grand exhibition in Rome. Unfortunately the exhibition was cancelled. The model and panels were returned (untouched) and were sent to Heerlen. In Heerlen a grand i10 manifestation was being held with film-, dance-, music-, lecture-, stage- and architecture activities. In the afternoon there was a vibrant live interview with Arthur Lehning.
1994 Heerlen, “ i10 sporen van de avant-garde” (“i10 trails of the avant-garde”)
Internationale revue, 1927 / 1929
Oude Lindestraat 70
6411 EJ Heerlen
The Netehrlands
Organisation: Marcel Vleugels
Exhibition: Toke van Helmond
“I10, sporen van de avant-garde”
ISBN 90 6601 503 9
Editor: Toke van Helmond
ABP Heerlen, 1994, 286 pages
  In the exhibition five architectural models were presented:

  - Model of Paris studio scale 1:10

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