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Mondriaan aan de Amstel


Amsterdam- The Netherlands                 Museum:                                         
18 Fubraury - 15 May                            Municipality Archive               
Gemeente Museum Den Haag 
Within the framework of the Mondrian year (1994) the Municipal Archives of Amsterdam organized an exhibition about the early work / oeuvre of Mondrian. STAM was invited to to make an architectural model of the Amsterdam studio for this event. The floor where Mondrian had lived is still unimpaired. The chimneys are still undamaged. Building the furniture in the model was difficult, because a lot of crockery had to be made. In the this studio there were already some features of Mondrian’s Neo-Plastic architecture ideas put into effect. Examples are: the textile space-dividing wall, the black painted floor and white walls.
1994 Gemeentearchief Amsterdam (Amsterdam Municipal Archives)
Amsteldijk 67
1074 HZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Organisation: Boudewijn Bakker
“Mondriaan aan de Amstel”
Editor: Margriet de Roever, Boudewijn Bakker and Marty Bax.
1994 Gemeentearchief Amsterdam, 160 pages
  In the exhibition five architectural models were presented:

  - Model Amsterdam scale 1:10

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